Most Viewed Posts of the Month – July 2015

 Posted by at 12:14 pm on August 2, 2015
Aug 022015
Amanda Cooksey

Amanda Cooksey

Here is a recap of what was hot on our website in the month of July!  First, here are the top 10 most viewed posts (news feed) on our website for the month of July 2015!

  1. Event Announcement: SFCM Songwriter Showcase Series at the Round Up
  2. Video Mashup:  “Love Me Like You Mean It/Dibs” by Amanda Cooksey
  3. Pre-Sale Code for Jason Aldean in West Palm Beach
  4. Video: Diamond Dixie Goes From Memphis to Nashville
  5. Live Video: “Copperhead Road” by 33 Years
  6. Interview with Mikel Knight
  7. Mindy McCready Dead of Apparent Suicide
  8. 33 Years Announces Top Down Tour
  9. Video: Liddy Clark Answers Fan Questions
  10. Live Video: Grayson Rogers at Red Clay Music Foundry

Here are the top 5 most visited pages (static pages of information) on the site for the month of July 2015:

  1. Concert Database
  2. Country Radio Stations in Florida
  3. Mudding Venues in Florida
  4. Country Bars & Nigthclubs in Florida
  5. SFCM Featured Artists Database

Top 5 Most Viewed Featured Artist Profiles

  1. Amanda Cooksey
  2. Maggie Baugh
  3. Brittney Lawrence
  4. Erica Morgan
  5. Taylor Loren


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