Martina McBride Has New Album Coming

 Posted by at 9:10 am on September 18, 2012
Sep 182012

photo by Leslie Paczosa

You gotta love the age of Social Media.  We found out last night that there will be a new 40-song album coming out from Martina McBride the same way Martina McBride found out about it…on Twitter!

“Wow! Kinda sucks that I had 2 find out on twitter that RCA is releasing a cd of 40 of my songs. #hopeIatleastgetafreecopy” is what she tweeted upon finding out about it.  She went on to say in her next tweet, “Having said that I’m not mad about it.  Just would have been cool to get a phone call.  #iwonderwhatthecoverlookslike?”

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