Feb 082013

album cover for Cyndi Thomson’s “My World” album

Twelve years ago, Cyndi Thomson was a rising star after her debut single “What I Really Meant To Say” was a #1 smash hit that sat atop the charts for three weeks, making her the first female artist to ever debut with such success.  When it came time to record a second album, however, she decided to walk away from her promising career because it was an “overwhelming life changing experience” and that she “cannot commit to [the] obligations” that would be required to record it.

She did however continue to write, including being the co-writer of Gary Allan’s hit, “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” (credited under her married name, Cyndi Goodman).  In 2009, she released a 5-song EP; and this past summer, signed a new publishing deal that hopefully is another step towards her returning as a full-fledged recording artist.  Let’s hope she does, because her talented vocals and beauty are being wasted by her remaining behind the scenes.  Check out the video below for her above mentioned #1 hit from 2001!

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