Flashback: One Last Time by Dusty Drake

 Posted by at 10:54 am on August 24, 2011
Aug 242011

With the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 coming up, I thought we’d share this touching song with ya’ll as a reminder of what happened that terrible day.

Video:  “One Last Time” by Dusty Drake, from the TV show Supernatural (no official music video was ever made for this song)

One of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists of all time is a fellow that went by the name of Dusty Drake.  His self-titled debut album is full of great songs that could easily have been radio hits if he had been given the proper push by his record label.  To this day it is one of thew few CD’s in my collection of nearly 500 albums that I can listen to from start to finish over and over again.

On that album, some of the great songs include “Too Wet to Plow,” “Not Bad for a Good Ole Boy,” “Smaller Pieces,” “And Then,” and “One Last Time,” which went on to be the biggest hit of his career.  At the time of the album’s release, Dusty was the opening act on tours for Brooks & Dunn and Kenny Chesney.

He later released another great single titled “Say Yes” which is now a wedding staple, as it’s a song about a guy proposing to his girl.  Unfortunately the record label dropped him before they could release a CD for it, so it didn’t get much traction and fizzled at radio.

His most recent contribution to music is a song titled “The 12th Man” which has become a popular song with Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Dusty seemingly has fallen off the face of the earth in the past couple of years, as extensive internet searches come up empty for any recent news about him.  It is my hope that he hasn’t given up on the music business, as his voice and song-writing skills would be put to waste if that is in fact what has happened.

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