2015 CMA Fest: Follow Us!

 Posted by at 10:05 pm on June 7, 2015
Jun 072015

We are in Nashville for the next week for the 2015 CMA Music Festival, which officially kicks off this Thursday.  However, there will be all kinds of events happening all week, many of which we will be attending.

For those that are attending the 2015 CMA Music Festival this year:

We have the most comprehensive schedule of events on our parent site with over 250 concerts/events listed…both official CMA Fest events as well as other events going on around town that are not official CMA Fest events.  You can see the searchable calender here.

Here is a summary of everything going on around Nashville this week:

For those of you not able to make the trip this year, we’ll do our best to bring you as much coverage as possible, as it happens.  Here are the avenues we will be using this year to bring you closer to the stars!

  • HCM Facebook – general news and updates
  • SFCM Facebook – general news, updates, and recaps
  • SFCM Vine – 6 second video clips of happenings around town. If you don’t have the app, links will be posted to our Twitter feed (see below for Twitter link).
  • SFCM Periscope – Live video feed.  No link available, you’ll have to install the free app on your phone, follow us on Twitter, then look for us on Periscope and add us there.  Links will also be posted to Twitter when we go to a live broadcast (see below for Twitter link)!
  • SFCM Instagram – Photos and videos.  If you don’t have Instagram, they will also be automatically posted to our Twitter feed (see below for Twitter link).
  • HCM Twitter – play-by-play of events as they happen, general news, and updates
  • SFCM Twitter – some play-by-play of events as they happen, general news, updates, and recaps. Also will show links to our Vines, Periscope broadcasts, and Instagram photos!  SFCM Twitter is probably the most important thing to pay attention to while we’re here!

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