This Weekend’s Headlines – 3/26 – 3/27

 Posted by at 8:14 am on March 27, 2011
Mar 272011
  • Dierks Bentley Thankful For Being a Troubled YouthIn a recent interview Dierks claimed that if he hadn’t gotten in trouble while as a teenager he might have not gone to Nashville, let alone ever discovered his love for Country Music.
  • Garth Brooks Offers Marriage Advice to Blake & Miranda At a recent “Points of Light Foundation” event, Garth Brooks took time out from performing and signing autographs to mention a few marriage tips to soon to be Newlyweds Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.  Garth says, “If you are going to talk to anybody about anything, talk to your spouse, that’s it.  No matter what.  Even if it’s about your spouse, it’s all about communication.  That’s the secret.”  By the way the “Points of Light Foundation” event was to honor President George H.W. Bush who has been married to wife Barbara for 66 years now.
  • John Rich Defends Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice – Celebrity Apprentice has had a few country stars with Clint Black, Trace Adkins, & John Rich all taking their chances to win the big title. Recently John Rich spoke about Trace Adkins to Donald Trump.  It seems that Donald believes that before Celebrity Apprentice, Trace was a “nobody” in the music scene and felt that Trace’s success should be credited to Celebrity Apprentice and Mr. Trump.  John was quoted as saying “Well, actually he was multi-platinum before he came on your show,” John recalls (quote via New Mexico radio station KGRT).  Donald responded, ‘No, no. Trace Adkins, he was basically no one.'”  So do you watch Celebrity Apprentice?!?
  • Keith Urban & Lady Antebellum Selected For Japan Benefit Album – Both Keith Urban & Lady Antebellum are featured on a 38 track album with ALL singers, songwriters, producers, and others involved waiving ALL Royalties.  The album is currently for sale on iTunes and is set to be available in a Double Disc set sometime in April.
  • No Apologies for “Brown Chicken Brown Cow – Not sure how we missed the commotion about Trace Adkins latest single but “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” has received a lot of static lately and not so much air play.  Earlier this month during CRS in Nashville there were reports of Trace apologizing for the latest single he selected.  So Trace “apologized” for his choice, but now Trace is clearing the air on what truly was meant to be said.  Trace said, “I apologized for asking some ultra-conservative radio stations to play it.  I should have known better than that.”  Trace’s new single, “Goin’ Fishin’,” is a tale of father-daughter time, and was released to radio this week.  “I don’t regret releasing “Brown Chicken Brown Cow” because it’s gone viral and made a lot of noise,” Trace says.  “We’ve had a lot of downloads on the video and the song.  It did prove my point.  I knew that where this song got played it would work.  And where it did get played it sold a lot of downloads.  There were just a lot of other stations that just weren’t going to go there and that’s okay.  I get it.”
  • Thompson Square Wants to Crash a Wedding Thompson Square has teamed up with to “Crash a Wedding,” with the winner recieving a Honeymoon trip to one of five pre-selected destinations.  For details, visit
  • Toby Keith to Appear on Dancing With The Stars No worries country fans, Toby isn’t joining DWTS.  Toby will be performing a 2 song set during the April 19th airing of Dancing With The Stars.

So tell me what do you think of Garth giving Marriage advice?!?  How do you feel about Donald Trump attempting to claim Trace Adkins was a “no one” without him?!?

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