Vote for the 2016 SFCM Awards – Final Round

 Posted by at 12:55 pm on January 8, 2017
Jan 082017

It’s that time of year again! The nomination round for the 2016 SFCM Awards is over and we have our top 5 candidates per category! In cases where there was a tie for 5th, we added a 6th candidate to the final ballot. Please take a few minutes to go through the entire ballot and vote in as many categories as you can. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Voting closes the night of Friday, January 20th.
  • You may only vote for one candidate per category.
  • Any ballots received with just a few votes for the same artists in their qualified categories will be considered ballot stuffing and will not be counted.
  • One vote per person and/or email address please. Any duplicate ballots will result in all ballots by that person being disqualified.

  • Tina Myers-Mahar

    watched Maggie grow and I’m so honored

  • Cindy Runtz Rich

    At 15 Maggie Baugh is following her dreams!! Awesome singer and fiddle player.

  • Frank Weimann

    I love Maggie Bauth…good Luke Maggie 👍✌
    Frank Weimann Beeskow , Germany

  • brad runtz

    A lot of talent chasing her dream she is amazing in what she dose glad to. be part of her dream

  • Robert Fitch

    Love Maggie Baugh. She’s gonna be big in country music. There’s Grammys in her future.

  • thomas oliver

    Love You Maggie Baugh, You Have Got The Goods.