Jun 172012

David Nail at the Round Up in Davie, FL on 3/1/12 – photo by Mike Carroll

David Nail often warms up backstage before a show by singing “Someone Like You” by Adele.  It’s become such a popular part of his routine that they made a video for his friends and family of him performing the song.  It’s become such a hit that it will anchor a special VEVO/YouTube David Nail Playlist Promotion tomorrow (June 18th).

When told about it, David Nail said, “When my manager called me to tell me, I thought it was funny,” says the Grammy-nominated vocalist. “We did the video just for friends who’d heard me sing the song backstage, and wanted to have access to it. It’s a great song – and it brings so many things out of you as a vocalist, so I wanted to make sure the visuals lived up to it, but I never thought anyone would pay attention to it. I certainly didn’t expect it to turn into something like this…”

The video will be the featured video on VEVO’s front page all day tomorrow, and will be cycling through playlists on the entire country roster on YouTube.  The projected estimate of hits between the two sites is expected to reach a range of 4 million impressions for the one day.  Check it out and tell us what you think!

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