South Florida Radio Stations Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

 Posted by at 4:32 pm on August 15, 2014
Aug 152014

Last night we issued the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to some of our friends at 99.9 Kiss Country (Miami) and 103.1 WIRK (West Palm Beach), and all 5 of the DJ’s we called out answered the call and took the challenge!  Thank you guys for being good sports about it!

The bad news is, we didn’t know that JD, Tiny, and Chelsea from WIRK had already been challenged, as we didn’t see the video go up until this morning.  The good news is, they accepted someone’s challenge, thus fulfilling ours as well in doing so, and have footage of it!  Here’s their video…

And not to be out done, our friends at Kiss Country just did theirs…Here’s Kiss Country’s TC and Ken O’Brien accepting our challenge, in the rain!  Bonus points for risking the lightning as well!  Thanks again to everyone involved!

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