About SFCM Awards

 Posted by at 8:29 pm on February 21, 2011
SFCM Awards – What are they?

The SFCM Awards is our way of finding out what ya’ll think of the current Country Music scene.  These awards also give local businesses in the music industry a gauge of what’s popular right now in Country Music.  Radio stations can use it to tweak their playlists and venues can use it to target their next big act.

How does it work?

We do two rounds of voting.  The first round is wide open.  We post a list of categories for you to cast your nominees.  You can nominate up to 5 candidates for each category, with one ballot per person.

Once we close the first round of voting, we tally the votes up and post the final round of voting.  We will narrow it down to 5 nominees when possible, then set up a poll page that will allow you to vote for the final winners, which will be announced shortly after the final round closes.