New Country Station Hits South Florida’s Airwaves!

 Posted by at 10:50 pm on July 25, 2014
Jul 252014

If you live in Broward County, you might be able to catch a new country station on your radio dial at 93.5FM (93.5 The Bull)!  It was quietly announced a week or two ago, but we didn’t have any info on it and we couldn’t even pick up the signal on the Broward/Palm Beach County line to test it out and report on it.  Now that our friends at the Sun-Sentinel are reporting on it with more details, we might as well chime in as well.

While we agree with the author of this article’s assessment that country is more popular in South Florida than ever, the same can be said nation-wide.  There are now more country radio stations than any other genre in the country, and while CD sales are declining across the board due to digital downloading, country CD sales have seen the smallest drop off.

We also must note that the writer is erroneous in his comment that “Miranda Lambert perform(s) regularly at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach.”  To be more accurate, she played there last year, but hasn’t played more than a couple of shows in South Florida in the past several years, and that was her first time ever headlining Cruzan (co-headlining at that, as she shared the bill with Dierks Bentley).  The article is informative with the details of the new stations, but it lacks input from anyone in tune with the pulse of the local country music scene.

We are thrilled with the growth of country music in recent years, both locally and nationally, which is what our goal was when we first set out with the launch of SFCM.  We’ve seen it first hand as many businesses similar to ours have popped up to either compete with, or feed off of, our success, which just goes to show our hard work is paying off.

As always, we are here to promote country music and share our passion of country music with as many folks as possible, and having another South Florida country radio station can only help!

Are you able to pick up the signal?  If so, what major intersection were you near when you heard it?  It seems as if it has a very limited range, so we are curious to see if it will have much of an impact.  Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below!

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