Eleni Skiba

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Eleni Skiba – Rhythm Guitar/Harmony Vocalist

Music has always been a constant presence in her life. While growing up in Philadelphia, Eleni’s father Nicholas was an extremely talented local singer and her major musical influence. At the age of 3, he exposed her to the music of The Beatles which in turn inspired Eleni to learn how to sing harmonies and to play the guitar and piano. He provided the foundation that would channel her into a lifelong passion for music. Her energetic rhythm provides anchor and vibe in addition to adding melodic harmonies that complements any vocalist.

Eleni is a seasoned musician who has performed with several bands and has over 35 years of experience.  During her residency in South Florida, starting from 2009 through 2014, Eleni was the resident Rhythm Guitarist/Background Vocalist for Recording Artist and SFCM Featured Artist, The Samantha Russell Band. She appears on the bands single, “And Then Some”, released in February, 2013.

From 2014 to present, Eleni is the Rhythm Guitarist/Background Vocalist for two time American Idol Semi-Finalist, Nashville Recording Artist and SFCM Featured Artist Emily Brooke. Also, in 2015, she performed a few benefit concerts with Nashville Recording Artist and SFCM Featured Artist, Cassidy Diana. In addition, from time to time, she performs solo acoustic for weddings and special events and occasionally joins local favorite acoustic band Nip & Tuck.

Eleni has won awards during her tenure with The Samantha Russell Band (2011 Local Group of the Year), and with Emily Brooke (2015 and 2016 – Favorite Local Band of the Year – Female Lead Singer).   While music is her love and passion, Eleni’s main profession is in finance, as a Senior Financial Associate at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., and resides in Boca Raton, FL.


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