Ricky Valido

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Ricky Valido
Ricky Valido

There’s place where the saw grass dances with the wind, where the alligators take refuge in the deep murky abyss. The beaches are warm, the water is clear. The swamp is teeming with life just like the city. A melting pot of different cultures and history is imbedded there. Miami, Florida is what Ricky Valido calls home.

Ricky was born on December 28, 1992 right outside of Miami in a neighboring city called Hialeah Florida. Ricky was raised in a family where hard work values were a main priority and still are. Always proud of his background, Ricky is a third generation Cuban- American. Ricky’s grandparents settled in the United States from the island of Cuba in the early 30’s.

Music came into Ricky’s life at an early age as well. His grandmother bought Ricky’s first guitar when he was eight years old. Ricky says, “It was a tiny student model Bravo nylon six string, never heard of the name, but it was like a treasure trove to me, I still have it today.” Soon after, Ricky took guitar lessons but mainly taught himself how to play by ear. Growing up, Ricky spent most of his free time outdoors, spending hours running going along fence lines catching lizards and visiting the family ranch on weekends, Ricky always displayed a love and appreciation for nature and the rural lifestyle.

Ricky grew up listening to a variety of genres and styles of music. Everything from Metallica to Charlie Daniels was part of what Ricky soaked up. But it was mainly country music that captured Ricky’s attention. The stories that were being told painted pictures in Ricky’s mind, this made Ricky fall completely in love with country music. ” Honky-tonk, rockabilly, western swing, the Bakersfield sound, bluegrass, and the outlaw movment notified me that country music was bigger than I thought.” It was the older country sounds that applealed to Ricky. Artist like Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and George Jones all gravitated to Ricky’s soul.

It wasn’t until high school when Ricky finally took up song writing. In tenth grade he found himself writing stories about past experiences and experiences he wished that he had encountered. “That was the beauty of expression that songwriting brought to the table.” as he put it. Never even thinking about singing nor having any interest in doing so, Ricky unwillingly began to sing the songs that he wrote. Already packed with a few original songs Ricky went over to his guitar instructor’s home studio and recorded his very first original tunes.

Right then and there Ricky knew that it was something he really wanted to continue to do. Ricky is currently putting together his first demo album titled “South of The South” and playing shows throughout the state of Florida with his own band (The Hialeah Hillbillies.) With a unique sound of his own, Ricky is impacting the current country music scene with something that reminisces on the old but breaks barriers with the new.

Ricky describes himself as a much older person encased in a younger body, his music also reflects that. “I love the great songs and artist people tend to forget.” His music tends to pay tribute to older country sounds mixed up with his own. Anything and everything can be expected from this original talent. Ricky Valido has had the chance to open up for country super stars “The Lost Trailers” “Jake Owen” “Thomas Rhett” and “Aaron Lewis” recently. He was also a runner up finalist at the Davie, Florida Texaco Country Showdown, and is featured singing the jingle for the 2012 AutoNation Televison Commercial that was brodcasted on national televison. Ricky has reccived local media coverage and support from his home town. Ricky has also been interviewed by Channel 7 News (Deco-Drive) and has released his first music video for his single “69 Camaro” available online.

Big dreams and goals are what Ricky Valido has. Ricky remains an unsigned and independent artist. Ricky is doing things his way, and he is proud of it. “I have the chance to experiment with what ever I want, I have complete control of myself as an artist and performer. I can take my fans and followers on my own journey and learn from them and what they want to hear from me. I am still learning and developing and I will continue to do so, music never stops evolving and I wont either.”


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