Lady Antebellum Answers Fan Questions

 Posted by at 1:22 pm on January 27, 2012
Jan 272012

Photo Courtesy of Lady Antebellum's Facebook Page

The “Own The Night” trio of Lady Antebellum had an online Q& A session with Country Weekly on January 26, 2012.

Here’s a rundown of the answers:

  • Hillary Scott won’t be going blond again anytime soon. “I’m naturally brunette and it really damaged my hair. I’ll stay brunette.”
  • The three will be rooting for the Giants over the Patriots in the Super Bowl, in part because they have hung out with New York’s QB, Eli Manning.
  • Dave Haywood likes to eat shepherd’s pie, and Hillary likes her granny’s red velvet cake.
  • If they do a CMTCrossroads with a pop artist, Hillary wants it to be Justin Timberlake and the guys like Adele.
  • Hillary’s dog, Hobbs, is a miniature golden doodle whose name came to Hillary in a dream.
  • Hillary’s most comfortable pair of high-heel shoes? “None of them.”
  • Charles has many pairs of boots, but he only wears two, Paul Smith boots, one brown, one black.
  • The three rarely fight, just “a few spats here and there,” Charles said. “They’re never too bad.”



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