Interview with Clark Hill

 Posted by at 9:18 pm on August 7, 2017
Aug 072017

1.  You’re originally from North Florida…would you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself and your background?

I’m from a lil place called Starke. It’s one of those places that often leave you wanting to find and experience new things. Leaving Bradford County is high on many young folks’ life goals that are not often reached. But I speak from experience when I say, it’s the place my heart always wants me to come back to. I will always be a Bradford County resident and owe many of my life’s successes… and hurtles to lol, the community I’m from. I can’t wait to be home every time I leave. My wife is a detective in my hometown and my kids are growing up in the same school system that I did. It’s kinda cool to see life outside of my zip code on a weekly bases but at the same time be able to come home and see that some things still are the same; that my family can experience the same things that are helping me on my journey in life.

2.  You recently released a single titled “Perfect to Me” (June 9th).  How’s the reaction been from country radio so far?  It just recently cracked the Music Row Country Breakout Chart, did it not?

It did! Just broke the top 100 🙂 I am crazy stoked about it 🙂 from what I know, radio seams to like it quite a bit. It’s a hard group to crack into, but I LOVE going out and meeting radio folks all over the country. It’s been amazingly rewarding.

3.  You’re releasing a new music video soon, can you tell us about that?

I can tell you this… for anyone that just wants to see a real, honest story, it’s the video to watch! Well, except for the fact that instead of filming it in mine and my wife’s double wide, we were in more like our dream house. 😂

4.  Do you have plans for a new album in the near future?

Oh yea! I will release my first full length album, People Like Me, this fall. It has been a project of mine for over a year now. As soon as we get it out, I’ll start working on the next one. My music is a story of my life, and there’s a lot to cover lol

5.  What would you say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses as an artist?

My biggest strength and weakness is the same.

Although I live a warrior lifestyle, with the belief that there is nothing I can’t accomplish and nothing that can break me, my confidence and strength both come from vulnerability. I believe that being vulnerable is a path to greatness. It is the greatest way to learn from mistakes, but more importantly is the greatest way to effect others. For them to see through my pain and my decisions. The weakness of this is also what makes it a strength. Vulnerability by definition leaves you open for attack. Being the emotional and passionate person I am, this can be painful at times. But in the end, It may very well be what defines me.

6.  Outside of music, what is something you are really passionate about? 

I think you know now 😂 But if you want something different, I would say football. I’m a HUGE football fan. My dad played in throughout his youth, college, and played professionally for a short bit.

7.  What has been the biggest “Wow!” moment of your career so far?

I would say Armed Forces Entertainment tour. I’ve had a lot of fun amazing moment very early in my career, but nothing has compared to playing for the troops over seas. I can’t wait to go back and support them!

8.  What is the #1 item on your Bucket List?

Hmmmmm tricky one.

I would say Grand Ole Opry right now. I’m ready to play it. But my bucket list is always evolving, hopefully this will get marked off soon 🙂

9.  Have you heard yourself on the radio yet, and if so, what was the first time like?

I have! It gave me chills… it never gets old. Like a good dream!

10.  What advice would you give to an aspiring artist trying to make it in country music?

Learn from others, put your head down and go to work, believe, and most importantly… make your own path.

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