Flashback: The Love Song by Jeff Bates

 Posted by at 12:28 pm on September 20, 2011
Sep 202011

Album Cover for Jeff Bates’ “Rainbow Man” CD

One of the must under-appreciated voices in country music belongs to Jeff Bates.  His debut single, “The Love Song” (see video below) was his highest peaking single to date, which hit #8 on the charts in 2002.  With a voice that reminds you of Conway Twitty, it’s surprising that that he’s only had 2 other Top 25 hits, “Long Slow Kisses” and “I Wanna to Make You Cry.”

While it appears that “The Love Song” never had a video shot for the song, we’ve come across this humorous rendition.  It’s the actual music and vocals of Jeff Bates put to a video of a tractor-trailer “singing” it.  Enjoy!

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