Posted by at 10:02 am on July 8, 2011

A huge thank you to South Florida Country Music (SFCM) for the free tickets to the Tim McGraw concert Saturday night at The Amp in Tampa! My 21-year-old son loved the concert, and Tim obliged us by doing a lot of his hits from the 90’s! Thank you so much!

You are great at letting us know where to go for good country music, and for promoting Florida artists – it is much appreciated! – Jane Ferguson, Posted on Facebook on 8/25/15

After a full day of recording yesterday The Crazy Daysies/Rebecca Day hit the road tomorrow to perform at Coral Sky Amphitheater in the acoustic lounge for the Tim McGraw concert! Thank you to South Florida Country Music (SFCM) for this opportunity! We can’t WAIT! – Jennifer Day Thompson of the Crazy Daysies, Posted on Facebook on 8/20/15

Guess who just won tix to Tim McGraw??? That’s right – this girl woo hoo!!!  Thank you South Florida Country Music (SFCM)Cat Steinbeck, Posted on Facebook on 8/11/15

So excited! I just won tickets to see this Saturday ! Thank you I appreciate you! – Jenn Dodd, Posted on Twitter on 7/28/15

Sorry, we kinda forgot to update this for awhile!

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU to South Florida Country Music (SFCM) for everything they do for all of us. The opportunity I was given to perform at the Round Up Country Western NightClub was amazing and opened up some doors for me. I can’t thank you enough!” – Jade Evori Master, Posted on Facebook on 4/1/12.

“Thanks for keeping us posted on all whats happening in Country Music and in the Country Lifestyle! You guys do a great job! Your friends at ~Country Sweet Outdoors” – Cristy Morrow, Posted on Facebook on 11/2/11

“Thanks SFCM for the most updated info and comprehensive coverage of all my favorite artists, concert info…♥ you Guys!!!!” – Marie Macnamara, Posted on Facebook 11/2/11

“I am so incredibly proud to be one of the local artists in the South Florida Country Music (SFCMF) family” – Nichole Blake, Local Artist posted on Facebook on 7/13/11

Be sure to “Like” South Florida Country Music (SFCMF) and go check out their website! They really are connected especially in the Florida Country Music Scene and do more for their artists in publicity and to get them noticed than any other website I’ve belonged too” – Abbie Lynn, Local Artist, posted on Facebook on 7/8/11

You guys by far have the best contest and fan involvement! Great job!– Pamela Harvard, Fan, commented on our Facebook post on 7/7/11

“Great job SFCM! All of us country music fans can find all the latest info on your site…… Look forward to attending some of the events you have posted.” – Donna Alfonso, Fan, commented on our Facebook post on 7/2/11

“I had a great time performing at Redneck Circus! I am so proud to be a part of the South Florida Country Music Family and be amongst so much talent…a special thank you to Mike Carroll, Leslie Pacsoza and Bryan K. Buchanan..it could not have been done without you…I am already looking forward to “our” next event ♥♥” – Nichole Blake, Local Artist, posted on Facebook 6/27/11

“Hey guys we had a BLAST out at the Redneck Circus thanks for all the hard work you put into the event.” Redneck Nation Clothing, posted on Facebook 6/27/11

“You do a great job promoting local country music artists and bands. Thank you South Florida Country Music!! There is a lot of great talent here in the Sunshine State!!” – Donna Alfonso, Fan, posted on Facebook 6/26/11

“Thank you Everyone at SFCM for Giving Jade the opportunity to perform today! Your support is greatly appreciated! We all had a lot of fun. Only bad part was I had “Bad Boys” stuck in my head the rest of the day. Watcha gonna do when they come for you…..” – Devi Master, mother of Local Artist Jade Evori Master, posted on Facebook 6/25/11 (Bryan kept playing Bad Boys anytime the cops came around, haha)

“YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much from the Entire Redneck Nation! We had an incredible time out at the Redneck Circus and you guys put on some of the BEST talent we have seen in a very LONG time. Keep up the great work and if there’s anything we can ever do you got the Redneck Nation at your disposal! Much Love Redneck Nation Clothing Co.” – Redneck Nation Clothing, posted on Facebook 6/25/11